Baptism Information
We are really pleased that you are thinking about baptism for your child at St. Mark's we want to welcome you and your and family into the life of the church.

Baptism is the beginning of belonging to the church family, it is important therefore that you take some time to consider what baptism is really about and that you understand the promises you will be asked to make for your child.

The baptism service begins with these words: ‘Children who are too young to profess the Christian faith are baptised on the understanding that they will be brought up as Christians within the family of the church…’, we hope that you will feel able to bring your son/daughter to church after baptism and that you will, as far as you are able teach them about the Christian faith.

You are asked to make statements and promises about your own faith and your intention to help your child begin to understand the life of faith. For most of us this is quite daunting but with the help and encouragement of other Christians and by being part of the church family we can help each other to know and understand what faith in God is about.

That's why we ask that you come to church for two Sunday's before booking a date for baptism, to experience the worshipping life of the church and to meet some of the people - we are very friendly and welcome adults and children to join us, we really don't mind if the little ones run around or make a noise! We have a small area set aside with toys where babies and toddlers can play, and our Sunday school for children over 5 years of age.

If you feel that you can make the promises and commitment that baptism requires we will be very happy to baptise your child, if baptism doesn't seem right for you at this moment in time, you can have a ‘Service of Thanksgiving’ for the birth of your child and still have a baptism service later on. All these things can be discussed when you come to church.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to make the right decision for your family.

Our services begin at 10am, except the 4th Sunday when we have our Family Service, all the children stay in church and often participate in various ways.