We believe in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we profess Jesus as Lord and Saviour who through his death and resurrection offers eternal life to all.

We believe that we are all loved by God and share the journey of faith together, we can join that journey at any time in our lives.

We believe that the journey of faith is a life long journey of learning to trust God in all things, of growing in our understanding of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and responding to his love and call on our lives to live out the Christian Faith in our everyday lives not just on Sunday’s.

The journey of faith begins with baptism
or Christening, for many the journey gets stuck or goes no further from that point - we would love to share the journey of with you and your children long after baptism - follow this link to see what we offer.

We believe in the bible as the Word of God, and it is therefore central to our faith. Through reading, studying and hearing teaching from the bible, we are able to learn about God and his plan for our world and our lives.